I am a Technology Specialist and Independent/Freelance Digital Photographer. Born, raised and located in Miami, Florida.  I have 20 years experience as a Technology Specialist (with specialization in computer networking, LAN Administration in Novell and Microsoft environments, and multi-device integration) and 11 years experience as a Digital Photographer, and have merged the passion I have for both.  My interests in computers, photography and audio/video technology started back when I was a kid in 1984 when my parents bought something new called a VCR (my, have we come a long way) and I started using and experimenting with it and other electronics, and hooking up separate devices together.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from high school, attended college and studied Business Administration/Economics and Computer Science, and hold an Associate in Arts Degree in Computer Science.  I have numerous IT certifications with organizations and companies I have worked for in the last 19 years. Digital Photography studies taken through KelbyTraining.com / scottkelby.com, Bryan Peterson Photography / ppsop.com, Canon Digital Learning Center, and extensive independent online research.  I am bilingual (English and Spanish). I volunteer time as an emergency communications radio operator at the local and national level, and hold an Extra-Class FCC Ham Radio license with morse code endorsement, ARRL license examiner accreditation, Emergency Communications (EMCOMM) Level 3 and FEMA ICS/NIMS certifications in Emergency Management in support of ESF-2.  I am also a NOAA/NWS Advanced-Certified SKYWARN Storm Spotter and Storm Chaser.

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!!! My own personal photography involves a more photo-journalistic, candid and documentary style. I look at myself as a visual historian, capturing images of how things are now with the forethought of creating a visual archive for history so that 10, 50 or 100+ years from now, people can go back in time and appreciate what was.  The same services I provide you with, are the same ones I use to preserve my own family images, photos, videos and memories.

In 2005, I started offering my services in the areas of preserving and archiving images, photos, videos, memories and more for people, families and businesses using my experience, skills, time and talent.  I truly enjoy my work and the services I provide, and believe they are worthwile endeavors for future generations. 

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