Could you recall all your home furnishings, important belongings, memorabilia, antiques, home electronics/appliances, business equipment and inventory in the event of fire, theft, or storm/hurricane damage?  Can you remember what and where everything was in your home/business and the look of the interior and exterior?  Photo-documentation may help provide you and your insurance company the proof of what you have and how the interior/exterior looks like, before something happens.  The cost of a home/business photo-documentation (photo inventory) is very minimal compared to the thousands of dollars you could stand to lose without this proof, as this may assist and protect you and your insurance company, especially if your home suffers fire, theft, or storm/hurricane damage.  I have gone through and experienced several hurricanes myself (including Andrew, Katrina and Wilma in South Florida) and have seen and experienced the damage both physically and emotionally, and can anticipate what to look for and photograph.  Photo-documentation may also help you have a valuable digital photographic inventory of your home/business interior and exterior for reference and issues such as restoration, remodeling, landscaping, estate planning, living conditions, moving, real estate, landlord/rental conditions, property settlements, or historical/nostalgic purposes.

 (I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!!! If photo-documenting a home and you have/had  family/children, let me know where they "hung out", their favorite toys or items, things they worked on or cherished, where they played, their drawings/paintings, their stuffed animals or dolls, books they've read, things they've collected, clothes they've worn, etc. You may have no idea how precious this is to preserve photographically! Now, thirty-some years later, I value these types of photographs my dad made when I was a kid, and wished I had more than just a few.  I TREASURE THESE PHOTOS IMMENSELY! And now, as a parent myself, I have been doing this for my own family.  I can then share and savor these photos when I'm older, and can pass them on to future generations.  TRUST ME, YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WILL ABSOLUTELY TREASURE THESE PHOTOS AND THE MEMORIES THEY BRING BACK FOR YEARS TO COME.)

Photo-documentation is a time-consuming and tedious task that most of us never plan on, and if we do, it never makes it anywhere near the top of our to-do list with our busy lives.  With my skills and experience in digital photography, using advanced cameras, settings and optical equipment and using them to photographically preserve items, locations, conditions, moments and events in life for historical purposes, I can help you in photo-documenting your home/business interior and exterior, providing a great service at a great price.  I will digitally photograph all interior rooms, furniture, electronics, appliances, equipment, furnishings, closets, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, office space, and any other specific items/inventories/supplies at your request.  I will also include exterior structure and outdoor-environment photos, and any vehicles and outdoor items of your choiceA typical photo-documentation session of a home/business is 2-4 hours.

After photo-documenting your home/business/property, I will transfer all high-resolution photos to the highest quality Archival-Grade CD/DVD discs currently available, to maximize durability and longevity of the discs and their contents, ON SITE!  That’s right!  Most photo-documenting services take your photos with them back to their office to transfer them to (usually inferior) disc and then get them days or weeks later.  You will have them immediately!  Once I process and transfer all photos to CD or DVD, I will also create a duplicate disc, which most other photo-documenting services do not include.  Once the photos are on disc, they are permanently saved with their EXIF data and are unalterable and secured, providing extra validity of the photos to insurance companies.  The reason I want you to have 2 discs is because one should be kept in a safe place at your home/office, and the other should be located off-site at another location such as another home/office, trusted friend or family member's house, safe-deposit box at the bank (my preferred method if you have one) or maybe even your insurance agent's office.  Should something happen to your home or business disc, you still have another copy at another location.

You and your home/business/property privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to me, and should be for you too.  After I transfer all photos to CD or DVD, test both copies, and hand them to you, I permanently delete all photos from my digital cameras and my hard drives on site before I leave.  I do not keep or back-up any photos from my service, for your protection, so it is very important that you keep both discs in separate, safe locations.  Should something happen to both of your discs you would have to re-do the entire photo-documentation session.

Prices/Rates are based on square footage/lot sizes.  Please contact me.

All interior square footage and lot sizes are based on online Property Appraiser GIS Records and other satellite/photo/data records. Prices are approximate and may vary depending on your specific project circumstances, including unusual/multiple lot locations, significant out-of-area travel expenses, etc.  Prices include the research time and pre-planning I perform ahead of my arrival on your specific property/location and needs, communication and correspondence time, travel, equipment and supplies I must bring along and time put into carefully photographing, processing and storing the photographic archive onto optical media.

For prices, quotes, and any other photographic needs, including specific locations, real estate, land, property, etc. (or scheduling issues), please contact me.

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