Don’t let all the photos, slides and negatives in your photo albums or boxes deteriorate or go to waste.  Someone took of their time and captured memories photographically.  Have them scanned and put onto CD or DVD for you, your family, friends, or for the world to share and see.  Although time consuming, all photos are manually hand-scanned, one at a time, using maximum scanner color resolution and JPEG image quality for superior photo scans.  All scanned images are then saved digitally to the highest quality Archival-Grade CD/DVD discs currently available.

Don't forget your important documents! All documents are manually hand-scanned, one at a time, and converted to PDF, which is the most widely used format on all computers and the Internet.  You must specify whether you would like the documents to be converted to PDF with OCR (Recommended, which allows you to do text searches to easily find certain words/keywords) or without OCR (simple scan which does not need to be searched for words/keywords).  All scanned documents are then saved digitally to the highest quality Archival-Grade CD/DVD discs currently available.

Absolutely NO cheap discs used! High quality scans on high quality discs. Most services that transfer photos and documents digitally use cheaper CD/DVD discs that have inferior quality, and are not handled carefully.  I would not trust my precious photos/documents to be transferred to inferior CD/DVD discs and not handled carefully, and neither should you.  I use the best quality discs, to maximize durability and longevity, because I am passionate about preserving your photos (your memories), and know how important they are to you and me, and future generations.  I want your photos/documents to last and be the best quality possible, and I enjoy being able to provide you a great service at a great price.  Once the CD/DVD disc has your photos/documents on it, I label it with a special permanent marker that is safe for CD/DVD discs (marker must say “FOR RECORDABLE DISCS”).  I do not use a label or labeling machine because they tend to release chemicals that are in the ink and adhesive which can penetrate and destroy the disc and files over time, and can cause disc-wobbling and data errors on your computer.  PLEASE DO NOT LABEL THE DISCS WITH STICKERS, LABELS, OR UNSAFE PERMANENT MARKERS.  I know it would look more aesthetically pleasing or more “professional looking”, but after having done extensive research on CD/DVD disc technology, it is much safer for longevity to use a permanent marker designed for recordable discs.  I place your completed CD/DVD disc in a computer to test it and make sure your photos/documents are viewable.  I then place it in a protective slim-design disc case, and hand that and your original photos/documents back to you.  As with all CDs and DVDs, please try not to touch the bottom data area of the disc with your fingers, avoid scratches, keep away from sunlight and store in its case when not in use.  Typically, converting your photos/documents will be completed within 1-2 weeks, and I will contact you as soon as they are ready.


Any size photos up to 8” X 10” are:       $15.00  for up to 10 photos, 50¢ per additional photo

35mm slides are:                                     $15.00  for up to 10 slides, 50¢ per additional slide

35mm negatives are:                               $15.00  for up to 10 negatives, 50¢ per additional negative

Any size documents up to 8½” X 11”     $15.00  for up to 10 documents, 50¢ per additional document,                                                                         per side, for transfer to PDF with OCR (searchable)

                                                        $15.00  for up to 10 documents, 25¢ per additional document,                                                          per side, for transfer to PDF without OCR (non-searchable text)

If you need or would like an additional copy/duplicate of a CD/DVD, the cost is only $10.

Please contact me for questions or more information.

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